dimanche 18 juin 2017


An in-situ and interactive installation by Tran Trong Vu at the National Gallery Singapore, in the framework of the Childrien's Biennale 2017.

"I propose an art-work which suggests several reflexions about the reality and the fiction, the dream and the daily , the truth and the lie, the forgery and the authenticity, the violence and the softness…
I propose an art-work which would cause several dialogues between the colour and the form, between the form and the word, between what is looked at and what is felt.
I propose an art-work which would be a physical and direct connexion between the viewers and the image.
I propose an art-work which would be an appointment of two worlds: the one of reality and the other of imagination.
I propose also an art-work which would be an encounter of two universes: the one for adults and the other for children.
This art-work would be a visual pleasure which would lead to other non-visual and intellectual pleasures, a desire for the viewers to discover themselves what is beyond appearance. Thus, THE SONNET IN BLUE  would be a visual poem that hides many other poems in words."

In several Asian countries there exists a tradition according to which people hang their wishes on a tree, in a landscape, at a corner of street.… so that these wishes are realized. From this practice I created a vegetable form which flowers and in the flowers many poetic words were written by children from the South-East Asia area. 
The vegetable form are manufactured with plastic sheets. It takes the form of a labyrinth. It crawls in space and crosses from a space to another... The viewers are invited to enter the installation, to circulate, to open the flowers, to read and to write their short texts on its petals.
To prepare this work, a collection of words was organised, in collation with the Biennale, the schools, the festivals for children in Singapore… Then these words were reproduced inside the flowers.
During the exhibition time the children are invited to write continuously their messages about "Dreams and Stories", on the petals of flowers. 

My thanks to the entire the National Gallery Singapore team, the 40 volunteers who worked hard everyday during two weeks, and all the children who participate in my work.




mardi 28 juin 2016

The Meeting Point

Installation, plastic fabrics, wood, wire mesh.1000 cm x 800 cm x 300 cm (length, width, height), 2016.
Behind the superficial appearance may just lie hidden some deep truth.  On the other side of visual images one may just find verbal words.
This landscape is as a meeting point of the image and the words, of the artificial and the intimacy, the false and truth, the memory and the reality, the impossible and the possible…
This work pays homage to my father, dissident poet: The viewers are invited to open those plastic flowers, they will find on their petals a diary of my father, in the form of many poetic words. These writings were prohibited in Vietnam by the authorities. For that my father spent a certain time in prison and lost his right to work, neither to publish his texts, until his death.

jeudi 27 novembre 2014


Une installation sur l'îe de Gorée en 2014 - 2015, dans le cadre de "Formes et Paroles", une exposition organisée par le Musée DAPPER (Paris) Hors Les Murs.
Matériaux: feuille de plastique, bois, grillage.
Dimensions: 10m x 5m x 3m50 (longueur, largeur, hauteur)

Behind the superficial appearance may just lie hidden some deep truth.  On the other side of visual images one may just find verbal words.
The landscape that I set up was completely fake and fussy.  Fake trees. Fake shrubs. Fake leaves. Fake flowers. They were all made of plastic fabric.
Yet these multi-coloured flowers hid within their petals intimate, sincere and profound words.  Words that could not be spoken by their unknown owners in front of the crowd.  Those were the unseen twists and turns of the soul. Those were the true stories.

My thanks to all who have sent me those words that were yet to be spoken, words that have now found their place within the flowers that strangers are now discovering on the other side of the ocean.
My thanks to Museum Dapper of Paris, the team of professional at the Museum and the residents of Goree island who have all worked together to enable the realisation of my work.


Derrière les apparences superficielles se cachent peut-être des réalités profondes. Au-delà des images il y a peut-être des mots.
Ce paysage est totalement artificiel et sophistiqué. Faux arbres. Faux buissons. Fausses feuilles. Fausses fleurs. Tous sont faits de plastique.
Mais ces fleurs de toutes couleurs cachent sur leurs pétales les mots intimes, sincères et profonds que les anonymes ne peuvent pas dire en public. Ce sont les replis de leur cœur. Ce sont les histoires véridiques. 

Merci à tous ceux qui m’ont envoyé ces mots qui n’étaient jamais dits. Ils ont trouvé maintenant leur place dans les fleurs que les inconnus d’au-delà des mers sont en train de découvrir.  
Merci au musée Dapper à Paris, son équipe et les habitants de l’île de Gorée pour leur soutien précieux à défaut duquel mon œuvre n’aurait pas vu le jour.